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Graphic Design

Introduction to Graphic Design programmes

We offer full-time Undergraduate Diploma and Bachelor Degree qualifications within the Graphic Design programme, as well as Postgraduate Master's degrees.In order to obtain a degree you must first complete the Diploma programme (3 years) or already hold a similar qualification.

NB! All students wishing to study Graphic Design at the NMMU must complete a compulsory first year programme which is known as Introductory Studies.

The number of seats in the Graphic Design diploma programme are limited and therefore access from Introductory Studies (first year) is not automatic. All first year students who apply for enrolment into Graphic Design are required to present a portfolio, at the end of the first year, showcasing all their first year work to an interview panel. Students who have not passed ALL first year subjects will not be considered. Students from other institutions who wish to study Graphic Design at the NMMU are interviewed in the same way.