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Graphic Design

Design by Natalie Henshaw BTech 2004

The Graphic Design programme at the NMMU is structured to give you the best balance between essential technological skills, sound academic content and the harnessing of your creative ability. The course is delivered in an studio-like environment which is very similar to what you would experience in the design and advertising industry. This means that there is a high degree of one-on-one interaction between student and lecturer. You can expect a strong emphasis on practical teaching and training which is linked to theoretical academic subjects.

Your fellow students will come from diverse backgrounds and cultures and may include foreign students from all over the planet. Recent students have come from Kenya, Argentina, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Zimbabwe and China. Students in the graphic design programme usually develop strong friendships and a good team spirit.

The way we teach

Graphic Design is highly technological and often requires a large degree of computer-based work. While we recognise the importance of technology and its importance within the design industry our focus falls on developing the creative and conceptual thinking ability of our students (we train on Apple Mac computers and have most of the latest software and gadgets too). This teaching approach is supported by teaching the theory of design processes, histories and philosophies of design in combination with practical projects.

Our teaching methodology mimics how design projects and briefs are dealt with in industry - the way you receive and are briefed on projects is almost identical to the manner in which you would be briefed in industry. Often you will be doing work for real clients which means you get real experience in presenting work to clients based on their specific requirements. There is also a strong focus on Reproduction Theory (how to get the idea out of your head and onto paper, television or website) and we address the latest printing techniques and technologies used in the South African design industry.

The Graphic Design programmes will expose you to the following areas of design:

  • Corporate Identity (logos and logo systems)
  • Packaging
  • Publication (magazine and book design and layout)
  • Direct marketing
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Web design (Graphic Design majors only)

Our educational goals focus on:

Skills development
The development of technical skills and knowledge of processes, as well as the use of appropriate technology and apparatus. This includes a basic level of computer literacy relevant to individual disciplines.

Creative development
The development of creative thinking and aesthetic understanding, including experimentation, problem identification and solving, and both practical and theoretical application, within a chosen discipline.

Entrepreneurial development
The development of professional business ethics relevant to a chosen career in the visual and tactile arts, including the economics of business, finance, marketing, advertising and self-promotion.

Personal development
Students gain personal confidence in their ability to integrate skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the real-world context.

Enrol in our dynamic graphic design programmes now and enjoy a great university experience that you will remember forever. To setup an interview contact the Faculty Officer or email the the secretary for the Department of Applied Design.

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