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Graphic Design

YEAR 5: Graphic Design Postgraduate Masters (2-3 years)


If you hold a Bachelor qualification in Graphic Design, you become eligible to enrol in the MTech (Master of Technology) programme. Typically a Master's study will take 2-3 years to complete. There are two Master's qualifications that you can pursue:

  • MTech Graphic Design
  • MTech Multimedia

The MTech programme contains no compulsory projects or subjects and is self directed research which allows you to specialise in a design related subject area of your choice. In the Department of Applied Design we encourage our Master's students to use their design knowledge and skills to engage and research issues such as:

  • design in culture
  • socio-cultural issues
  • socio-econmic issues
  • consumerism
  • environmental issues

In other words we guide students to do 'conscious design'. Work that that has considered its role in society and the world in general.

You may choose to register your research topic as theory only which means that at the end of your study you will submit only a written thesis for examination. Alternatively you can choose to register to submit theory and practical which means that you will submit a written thesis as well as the design work that you produced for the study.

We invite you contact the Department of Applied Design to discuss your options regarding Master's studies.

Contact information
Mr Bruce Cadle
Principal Lecturer & Programme Leader: B Tech and Postgraduate Studies
Tel: +27 41 504 3254